phone massage

Tyra Wigg

1-1 interactive audio performance, 45 min

English or Swedish

«Due to the difficulties of receiving massage clients during the pandemic I developed phone massage, inspired by the body/fantasy stimulating practice of phone sex.»

Phone massage is a 1-on-1 interactive performance where Tyra Wigg gives an individually designed body treatment over the phone. The session includes an interview during which Tyra draws an image of the receiver’s body from their subjective description, encouraged to relate to the body as landscape and textures rather than cultural body norms. The drawing acts as a template on which Tyra notes the current sensorial state and bodily needs and desires of the receiver.

The «treatment» is an instant composition based on the interview. Tyra uses verbal descriptions and (with consent of the receiver) analogue sound effects that might trigger ASMR. The immaterial aspect of this massage opens for unlimited experiences and manipulations of the bodily perception via the imaginary.

The receiver is asked in advance to be in a calm surrounding where they can lay down comfortably without being disturbed. For an optimal experience the receiver has a good phone/internet reception and wears a headset with a pleasant sound quality.

*hearing ability is necessary

You can book and receive your phone massage from home. If you would like to receive a phone massage, please write an email with three possible time-slots of 1h each between 10am – 6 pm November 26-28 to: phonemassage@boneperformance.com

Both festival-attendees and non-attendees are welcome to request a session. Please mention your situation in your email so that people who are not able to attend this, or other festivals, due to vulnerability to the pandemic or for other reasons, can be prioritized. 

Tyra Wigg (SE/CH) (ty/hen/they)
is working in the extensive field of performing arts, with ty’s base in contemporary dance and somatic practices. Ty develops choreographic and theatrical frameworks with an interest to connect sentient awareness with sustainability and queer-feminist perspectives. Since 2010 Tyra is also working as a massage therapist, specializing in deep tissue mobilization and rehabilitation.